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BIKELIFTS uk are proud to announce their all new design of motorcycle display stands – never been seen worldwide – patent pending with various unique designs!

Floor space in a motorcycle display shop is of a premium and often fully occupied and cluttered. Our technology will allow you to elevate your motorcycles on display doubling your viewing capacity.

By elevating and rotating motorbikes on display they are more eye catching to both potential shoppers in store and also passing trade.

The fully patent pending CE Approved Designs are now avaliable – with a variety of customisable features.

Make your bike stand out from the competition!

“Bikes on our stand are the most secure in the shop”

Click Here to check out  our Youtube channel bikeliftsuk to watch the technology in action.

Registered Office: 61a Planetrees Road, Laisterdyke, Bradford, BD4 8AE

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